Sunday, February 12, 2017

Isse The Mad Archmage

Was he a man with extraordinary powers or a being from the Void, nobody surely know. What is certain about him though is that he was mad as a hatter.

He reigned the areas around Rakkenskag and all the way down to Akka Mountain 6548 years ago. His death is year zero in the common Nadallhian calendar.

Most stories from that time describe a world where man was little more then a lab rat in some great experiment of a purpose nobody could make any sense of.

His death is a mystery but most think he finally failed in his arcane experiments and was disintegrated, flew to close to the sun if you wish.

Across Rakkenskag remnants of his empire can still be seen in the shape of old ruins and lost tunnels. The most notorious being the Citadell that lies in the northern mountains.

The most sought after treasure from his empire is the legendary scrolls and tomes that he is supposed to have written, they would hold knowledge beyond anything you can imagine if you could find and interpret them.