Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Moldune Empire

Once a beacon of enlightenment now fallen to decadence as the aristocracy squabble over access to the precious Akka mineral.

A thousand years ago a king united most small kingdoms and tribes of the Moldune area, this was the beginning of the Moldune Empire. During the coming 600 years the Moldune Empire rose to become the most powerful faction of all Nadallh. No other could match their craftsmanship and knowledge and they built an infrastructure unseen since the time of the Elder.
When the Akka Mineral was found all changed. The main concern of the aristocracy is now procuring the mineral for themselves. The Emperor Descio have lived for over 500 years and which makes him the oldest living human in Nadallh.

The Moldune Empire is ruled by Emperor Branco along with a senate of about 200 members. The members are elected by vote and all adults of the aristocracy gets to vote. A elected senate normally sits for four years.

Trice is the capitol of the empire and it is unmatched by any other city. White tall buildings as far as you can see and the home of powerful institutions as the Moldune Geological Institute, the Academia Alchem and the New Church of Akka.

The empire have religious freedom of sorts, if you're a citizen you are however expected to be part of the Church of Mol.
Over the last hundred years the Old Church have grown stronger and today and is widespread throughout the empire.