Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Rakkenskag - the Thousand Kingdoms

An esteemed member of the Cartographers Guild once tried to map all of the kingdoms of Rakkenskag. After six years of traveling a war emerged in the western parts, hundreds of kingdoms fell, new emerged and soon more than half his work was forfeit. It's said that he jumped off a cliff and since then nobody have tried to map Rakkenskag again. His fate have become an expression, "you might as well map the kingdoms of Rakkenskag".

A typical Rakkenskag kingdom is feudal with one town and a few surrounding villages. The ruler is most likely cousin with the rulers in the neighbur kingdoms.

Southwest Rakkenskag towards the Moldune border many kingdoms are rich from trade and fancies themselfes modern. Farther north where the climate is rougher, the trade is poorer and the societies more barbaric and tribal.