Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Deities and Religion

Mol (The Church of)
Alignment: Lawful Anything
The all seeing protector and the guardian of the Law.

Common in the Moldune Empire and northwest Rakkenskag.

Often portrayed as a bearded man holding a great tome in one hand and scales in the other.

The myth is he took a piece of his own divine soul and used it to create order and this is how law was created.

Followers of Mol believe that humans are the highest of species and that the Moldune Empire is an earthly representation of the divine order.

Alignment: True Neutral, Neutral Good or Chaotic Neutral
The God of tranquility and fertility

Common in Rakkenskag and parts of Namradk.

Portrayed as a beautiful young man with long hair.

The Noed myth says he came to the world as a golden butterfly. At first he was only light and happyness but the darkness of the world changed him and gave him the form of a mountain. Eventually he resisted the darkness and and transformed into a man.

Followers of Noed likes to love, eat, dance and drink.They often get al lot of children.

The Golden Goat
Alignment: Neutral Good or Chaotic Good
The God of survival and wisdom.

Common in Rakkenskag.

Portrayed as a golden goat.

The Golden Goat is said to appear when a righteous person is in need. The most common story is about a king that led his people through the cold mountains. When all hope was lost finally a golden goat appeared, following the strange goat they found their way down the mountain to a safe lush forest.

Followers of the Golden Goat don't believe in excess and luxury. "It's the grain you store that will save you when the winter is harsh".

Sartoa (The Gray Lady)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Goddess of magic and duality

Common in Namradk and Rakkenskag.

Portrayed as a woman with two faces, one beautiful and one horrifying.

When the world was created good and evil was separated, so was light and dark and many other
contrasts. In one place of the creation the contrasts did not separate and a perfect ambivalence appeared. This is Saratoa.

Followers of Saratoa never judge and always try to look at things from different angles. They are terrible to debate with.