About Nadallh

Short about the lands of Nadallh:
  • It's a Grimdark/Alchemypunk setting inspired by the books of Joe Abercrombie and Scott Lynch.
  • Demons are present in a Lovecraftian way
  • There's a rare and special type of mineral, the Akka mineral, that through an alchemical process creates an elixir with the potential to prolong your life. The access to Akka mineral is the fundament of most conflicts throughout the lands of Nadallh.

Plan is to keep the campaign-info light so that it's a framework for you to use rather then page upon page with history and backgrounds.

This module is OSR Compatible and can be used with any old school RPG or modern clones. It was designed with the classic version of the game in mind but with minimal changes can be used with original or advanced rules or their clones.

Encounters are listed in the following format:
Orcs (4) – AC 6 (13), HD 1/5, AT 1 Sword, Damage 1D6

Armor Class is given both descending and ascending values, with ascending values in parentheses. An unarmored character is AC 9 (10) and chainmail gives AC 5 (14).

Unless specified, all encountered creatures and men are assumed to have the same movement rates as normal men and to use the same saving throws as a fighter of the same level as their hit dice.